Look Good Feel Good Show | Helpful Tips for Exhibiting
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Helpful Tips for Exhibiting

If you've never participated in an exhibition before then your in for a real eye opener!
Exhibition marketing can be very rewarding; however you need to remember that you will be in a room full of competitors, don’t get caught out unawares, we may bring the customers to you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared for the Show.
We want to ensure that you are prepared and not stressed onsite when you should be wowing your customers. We’ve put together some key points and helpful tips that you should consider to make sure your time at the Show is the best possible.
  • Our motto is the ‘more the merrier’. We provide marketing to get attendees to the Show but there’s no harm in double dipping and getting on your Socials! Let your followers know that you will be at the Show and how to find you in the crowd!
  • Less is more, if you have a large product range why not select a few items to focus on and promote during the Show
  • Get prepared, preparation is always best so make sure you have enough stock and promotional material on hand at the event, the worst thing would be to run out mid-Show.
  • Goals Goals Goals! Set them, work towards then and achieve them. Make sure you know what you want to achieve out of your experience at the Show.
  • Know your target market!
  • Coming from interstate? Make sure to book your flights and accommodation in advance. A suggestion for our local exhibitors would be to invest in accommodation in the city, the expo will run over two really long days and removing your commute time might be a wise decision.
  • Know what’s included in your stand package. Planning on demoing your hair dryers and straighteners? Then you might need to think about upgrading your power requirements!
  • Make sure your order furniture in advance. We have a dedicated team at Moreton Hire available to assist you with your additional hire requirements, however to avoid late fees, delays and onsite stress make sure you have all your requirements book in and paid for prior to install.
  • How is your product getting to the venue? Make sure you have arranged a logistics/courier provider to get your stock to the venue in time
  • Not sure what bump in/out is? That’s ok, we’re here to help! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us questions, we’ve been working on events like this for a long time and understand that some terminology will be new to you
  • Bump in and bump out can be a chaotic time, make sure you read though the exhibitor manual that we will send out in advance so you know what you expect. Remember the venue is considered a work site during bump in and bump out, so you will need to ensure that you are in adequate clothing, including closed toe shoes and a high visibility safety vest.
Onsite Tips:
  • How will you draw crowds to your stand and away from your competitors? We suggest offering samples at your stand, who can say no to a freebie!?
  • Put your happy face on – this is the time to engage and build those relationships with your customer; everyone remembers a first impression so make it a good one!
  • Get your minions in order. Make sure you have enough staff on your stand (remember it can get very busy at times) and make sure they know the brand inside and out
  • Be prepared, make sure you have enough stock for the entire weekend; the last thing you want is to run out of stock halfway through the Show!
  • Wear the right clothes. You will be on your feet all day so make sure you are in flat shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • Arrive early and stay late, don’t risk losing a sale by leave early. The last thing you want is to have a customer come to see your stand and its empty!
Post Show:
  • Get your ruler out – how will you measure your success? Make sure you seek feedback
  • Follow up, update your database and thank your customers for visiting you at the Show
  • Bump out, make sure you know the process! It is not a simple as packing up and leaving. When the Show ends, the exhibition hall become a ‘work site’, you need to ensure you have a high visibility safety vest and closed toe shoes on
  • How is your stock getting back to your office/warehouse? Make sure you have your logistics provider or preferred courier arranged to collect your items during bump out.
  • Who is packing up your stand? Moreton Hire will be onsite to dismantle your booth but you will be provided with a time frame for your own bump out. As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to remove all dressings and decorations you have used on your booth and dispose of them correctly. Once the stand builders bump out commences you will not be permitted back into the venue.
That’s ok, we want to ensure that you are prepared and not stressed onsite when you should be wowing your customers. We’ve put together some key points that you should consider to make sure your time at the Show is the best possible.